Last night of freedom? Try to throw some axes while at it!

Last night of freedom? Try to throw some axes while at it!

For every man comes that special day, when he loses part of his freedom forever. While we don’t think it’s something entirely bad, that evening before deserves to be special. If you happen to be in Krakow for a stag night, chances are you will have it that way.

Krakow, the old capital of Poland is one of the best places for bachelor’s party. Stag dos here are commonly epic, due to many clubs, pubs and generally young people going there at nights. Main market and Kazimierz district are places best suited to party all evening.

Nowadays however, such events cannot be easily organized without something special. While your friends might have some ideas to publically humiliate you and themselves in the process, that is not the only way to go. You can also visit a cool place and make it memorable without stupid challenges or whatnot.

One of such places to visit for a stag do, would be a BadAxe club It is a throwing axe club. The idea so simple and catchy that it became very popular in the whole Europe. You just grab some beer and friends. No more introductions taking long minutes of your life. No dressing up in some uniforms, unless you want to wear Viking helmet for pictures. Just few minutes of showing you where to throw and with what. Then you can smash it into target with pleasure, during the tournament or just for the general blast. Such manly activity will be a great beginning of the evening and will not require anything more than good mood to enjoy. Try it.

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